3Qs with the Cast: Megan Slater

Megan Slater stars as Lacy in Flashpoint's production of The Bends.Megan Slater — Lacy
The Bends

Flashpoint Theatre Company: What inspires you about this play?
Megan Slater: Something that I find really inspiring about this play is the character Gemma’s bravery in coming home.  At the beginning of the play she is looking to reconnect with people who have hurt her deeply. I think it takes a lot of courage to even attempt to move past painful memories. Most of the time it is just easier to hang on to the hurt even if it means losing people you love.

I have also been incredibly inspired by the creative team working on this show. Director Kathryn MacMillan and my fantastic castmates have all been really fearless in asking hard questions and digging deeply into the dark and painful places this show asks us to go. I have definitely been pushed to work harder than I ever have before and I am so grateful for that.

FTC: What scares you about this play?
MS:  I am someone who is afraid of anger. I didn’t grow up around fighting so any conflict makes me very uneasy. Living in the skin of my character, Lacy, has forced me to face some of that and feel pretty uncomfortable for the past few weeks. It was important for me very early on to recognize that the anger is just the surface to a lot of hurt and sadness.

FTC: What is the strangest “reunion” experience you’ve ever had?
MS:  Family reunions are often pretty strange for me. Don’t get me wrong! I couldn’t have a more supportive or loving family but trying to explain the life of an actor is never easy!


3Qs with the Cast: Charlie DelMarcelle

Charlie DelMarcelle stars as Paul in Flashpoint's production of The Bends.Charlie DelMarcelle — Paul
The Bends

Flashpoint Theatre Company: What inspires you about this play?
Charlie DelMarcelle:  I don’t know if this is inspirational but I am finding it fascinating that we are spending a great deal of time in rehearsal discussing the nature of “truth” in this play…the ways in which an individual’s sense of self, the human they create for both themselves and the rest of the world, is an essentially flawed construct built upon assumptions and memories that are specious at best.

Director Kathryn MacMillan is pushing us to defend, sometimes to the death, this precious, fragile image of self. As we work on individual beats in the script, it is exciting to hear other actors begin to fight for their character’s version of the events that tore this group of friends apart. Megan’s play seems so simple on first glance but has certainly inspired some energized, even at times heated, debates with-in the cast. I love theatre that engenders dialogue. Hopefully this play will inspire the same response from the audience.

FTC: What scares you about this play?
CD:  I guess I have a lingering fear that the audience could disengage with the play because all of the characters are flawed and are often quite cruel to each other. I know I am getting sick of seeing theatre where people treat each other like shit for two hours.

I am also always excited/scared of any play in which the dialogue is written so naturally and has to be carried by a large ensemble. The vital rhythms of entire sections can be completely destroyed if even a single cue is dropped. You really have to trust the people you are working with and stay on your toes. This is an excellent ensemble but I’m still a little nervous…mostly about my own performance!

FTC: What is the strangest “reunion” experience you’ve ever had?
CD:  My bachelor party…that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Sexual Violence and Victim Blaming: A Panel Discussion

Rape SecretThis Friday, March 15, 2013, after our 8 p.m. show of The Bends, we invite you to join us for a panel discusion on sexual violence and victim blaming.  We’re honored to have several distinguished guests joining us onstage to discuss this important and relevant topic.  

The panel includes:

Amanda Geraci, Organizer, Take Back the Night — Philadelphia.

Jana Nogowski, Organizer, SlutWalk 2011 and the Vagina Monologues

Tara Murtha, Writer, Philadelphia Weekly

Megan Mostyn-Brown, Writer, The Bends

Jacqueline Goldfinger, Writer, Slip/Shot

Please join us for this unique and meaningful event!  Get tickets for Friday’s show now.

3Qs with the Cast: Janice Rowland

Janice Rowland stars as Gemma in Flashpoint's production of The Bends.Janice Rowland — Gemma
The Bends

Flashpoint Theatre Company: What inspires you about this play?
Janice Rowland:  The characters’ courage to confront their past. They get the chance to say what they’ve been wanting to say for 10 years to those who hurt them.  Getting insight on that unique experience of addressing mistakes made by your 20-year old self from your 30-year old self’s point of view. The ability to drop back in to an old group of friends like you never left.

FTC: What scares you about this play?
JR:  There are many sides to every story. Each character has his/her own reality that is true and unwavering.  There are hurtful words and brutal honesty, and characters assign blame so easily.

FTC: What is the strangest “reunion” experience you’ve ever had?
JR:  I still get together with my college friends every year around holiday time.  These celebrations used to entail lots of drinking, smoking, dancing and of course eating.  With each passing year, they get tamer (no smoking, less drinking, and healthier food) and involve more and more of our kids as we “procreate.”  At our last reunion, we took a picture of all the kids playing together.  It was so strange to see little versions of ourselves getting along and having a wonderful time.

3Qs with the Director: Kathryn MacMillan

As part of our mission to bring you greater access to our shows, we’re launching our 3Qs series, which poses three thought-provoking questions to individuals involved with creating our shows.  We kick off this series by speaking with Kathryn MacMillan, Director of The Bends.

Kathryn MacMillan -- Director of The BendsKathryn MacMillan, Director
The Bends

Flashpoint Theatre Company: What inspires you about this play?
Kathryn MacMillan: I’m completely inspired by the process of working with Megan Mostyn-Brown.  It is the first world premiere that I have directed, and the collaborative process with Megan could not have been better.  While she has given us a very polished, finished script, she has been very open to questions and concerns that have come up in rehearsal.  Her generous spirit has invigorated me and the cast throughout the process.

I’m also grateful for the chance to work in a genre a bit outside what I’m known for in Philly.  I’m the girl you call for style pieces, modern classics, or nerdy plays… so this very contemporary relationship comic-drama has been a real joy.  Megan says she wanted to write a play “with a shocking act of violence” at the center.  That drew me to this piece, as well.

FTC: What scares you about this play?
There are some technical challenges…these always give me anxiety.  But we’re working them out in rehearsal.  More than that, I think the play is balanced VERY well between different characters’ points of view.  Given the shocking reveals of the play, that balance is a challenge for audiences (in a great way) and for us working on it (also in a great way).

FTC: What is the strangest “reunion” experience you’ve ever had?
I came to Philadelphia for graduate school, following a boy who I’d been in love with as an undergrad (mostly unrequitedly).  But by the time I got here, we had had a falling out and hadn’t spoken in about a year.  We had a very strained and strange dinner together about 4 months after I moved here.  We haven’t spoken much since then.

Welcome to The Flashpointer!

Welcome to Flashpoint’s newest online addition, The Flashpointer!  In an effort to bring you more access to great works of theatre and emerging artists, we’ve launched this new blog to provide you, our loyal audience members (and maybe our would-be audience members, too!), with new and exciting ways to engage with our shows.

We’ll be featuring interviews with actors, playwrights, directors, designers and other staff about the work they’re doing.  We’ll have behind-the-scenes looks at the production process.  And we’ll post exciting events that you can attend, like talkbacks and happy hours.

We’ll be starting with interviews with the cast of our upcoming show, The Bends, a world premiere by Megan Mostyn-Brown.  A Bacchanalian tale of what happens when the past and present collide in a single house, this dark and hilarious play about reuniting college friends proves that you can always come home again. It just may not be pretty.

It’s all part of our mission to continue to give voice to emerging theatre artists, and we want you to be a part of it!  Please join us for the adventure!